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Stupid at the gun range
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#1 Posted : Saturday, March 10, 2018 8:11:18 PM(UTC)
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Check this out - Today I took my P250C 40 to one of the local gun ranges here in San Antonio. I was just in the mood, so I took my Sig, and My S&W Shield out there. Bought 100 rounds for the Sig, and 50 for the Shield.

I had both pistol on the counter in front of me, with both boxes of ammo open, with the intention of alternating pistols after emptying the mags. 2 mags for my Shield, an 8 mag, and a 7 mag. Those two come standard with a Shield. I only have the 1 13 round mag for my P250C 40. I bought if from an individual I knew from Armslist.com, and it didn't come with a case or any accessories. Just the pistol with 1 magazine.

Anyway today, I had a brain fart moment at the firing line. I was reloading my Shield mag with 9mm rounds, and for some reason, the next to the last round (8th round, because I put 8+1 in the Shield) I put in the mag, I had grabbed it from the box of 40 caliber ammo. It went into the 9mm Mag as if it belongs there. I got one shot off, which was the 9mm round, and the next round in the mag was a 40. I thought my gun had jammed or something broke. It was a tad of a struggle to get the mag ejected, but as soon as I got it out and looked, I knew right away I had put a 40 round in the 9mm magazine. I was scared to know if I had loaded the entire magazine that way. Turns on, only 1 wrong round, and it didn't do any damage to the magazine when I pried the .40 round out.

I was embarrassed. At least I didn't damage the magazine. And the main reason I took the Shield is because I'm thinking about selling it along with a few other pistols I own. Wanted to see if I still like it at all, or might have any future use for it.

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XavierNu on 3/19/2018(UTC)
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#2 Posted : Thursday, March 15, 2018 11:00:30 PM(UTC)
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Thanks for the post. Always good to be extra watchful.
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#3 Posted : Friday, March 16, 2018 5:01:19 AM(UTC)
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Sam250C;43447 wrote:

I was embarrassed.

Happens to all of us.

Friend of mine let me shoot his newly aquired HP. So I loaded a few rounds of 40 in the mag and proceeded.

First round was a FTF, so I asked him what was wrong, had he had these problems before.

The HP was a 9.
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#4 Posted : Monday, March 19, 2018 8:57:41 AM(UTC)

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I typically take my 250's in 40 and 9 to the range and early on caught myself shoving a mag loaded with 9 in a 40 and vise versa. I have since become very OCD about how I lay everything out, checking and dbl checking which pistol is which and grouping matching pistols, mags and ammo on opposite sides of the bench. No worries brother, keep shooting!
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