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Failure to feed issues w/ Freedom Munitions .40 ammo
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#1 Posted : Monday, March 11, 2019 4:23:33 PM(UTC)

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I've got both a P250 and P320 in .40 and about a year ago, I started having increasing issues of failure to feed on my P320 (which I shoot the most), and much later my P250. Rounds seemed to hang up on the feed ramp, so sometimes the failure occurred while shooting, and other times after inserting a magazine (both with slide release or 'sling-shot' method). It was a very random, but very annoying problem.
Up until about 18 months ago, I was buying most of my ammo from Freedom with some High Country (no longer in business) thrown in. I bought in bulk, since living in Kalifornistan, I knew it wouldn't be long before they either taxed ammo to death or made it impossible to get. For many years, I shot both brands without a single problem.
When the failure to feed started happening on my P320, I did the usual things... cleaned it really well, made sure the feed ramp was completely smooth, changed out my recoil springs, etc. I also had others shoot it to make sure it wasn't my grip. I even sent it in to Sig who polished the feed ramp and told me there was nothing wrong.
When I started having the same problem with my P250, I began to suspect the ammo. I recently bit the bullet (pardon the pun) and bought a new box of Federal FMJ and two box's of Federal Hyrdra Shok and ran them side by side with my Freedom ammo. Comparing them visually, the bullet itself is slightly more rounded on the Federal loads where the Freedom ones are more square. I shot two magazines of Freedom and had 3 failure to feeds. I then shot two mags of the Federal with no problem. I did this with both my P320 and P250 with identical results. I then put two magazines of the Hydra Shok's through each gun with the same result. Seems like the more squared nose on the Freedom bullets hits that feed ramp and sticks.
To my relief (and no real surprise), it looks like the firearms are good, but I've got some questionable ammo. I can only assume Freedom Munitions changed their bullets at some point in the the last 18 months or so.
I am happy to know for sure my carry and home-defense loads are going to go bang if/when I need them to.
Curious if anyone else has had this kind of experience with Freedom (or any other reloads), and if you haven't, beware of Freedom ammo in .40.
For what it's worth, I also have thousands of rounds of their 9mm and have had zero issues with that through my X Change kit or my Ruger P89.

PS - I'm aware that Freedom Munitions had bankruptcy issues a year or so ago (no idea if they're even still open), but the ammo I'd been shooting had been ordered well before that process started. I have shot thousands of rounds per year from about mid 2012 through mid 2017 with no problems before this all started.


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